Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation - JEI

ISSN 1314-0175

The web-journal publishes results of inter-disciplinary scientific and applied research. Besides, there is a place for theoretical discussions focused on entrepreneurship and innovation management. Thus the journal provides the opportunity to all readers to get familiar with scientific achievements and good practices.

It is an official edition of Resita Network. It will be the scientific field for publishing articles, reports, scientific messages related to the Resita Network issues. The web-journal core is based on the annual Summer Academies of Resita Network.

The access of authors and readers to the web-journal is free. The articles are eligible to be published if they fit the aim of the journal and if they have two positive peer-reviewer remarks. The Editorial Board members choose the peer-reviewers.

The Web-journal is annual. The web-based version is published in September, and the printed version - in December.